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Tax Free Retirement Plan

With all its’ additional benefits, our tax free retirement plan epitomizes the reasons retirement is referred to as “The Golden Years”. You simply have to explore the features we’ve bundled into one plan.

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Long Term Investment

Most people have never considered insurance, of any kind, a “long term investment.” Truth is, when structured properly, the correct insurance vehicle is exactly the investment you need. One which achieves protection, growth, and tax free use advocated by the IRS.

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Short Term Investment

Leaving loved ones behind is tough enough. Leaving them behind poor, is irresponsible. Affordable protection to insure their lives are uninterrupted is closer than you think. Show them you care by making the best investment possible.

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of adults have NO life insurance.


of Americans DO NOT have life insurance.


of those that do, say they need more.


quizzed, failed a basic life insurance quiz!

Ready to protect the future of you and your family?

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Who and what would you like to cover?

What are your needs and reasons for wanting coverage? (income or death benefit)
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Funeral Costs

The average funeral can cost over $15,000. Will your family be able to cover these expenses?

Dependents & Family

7 out of 10 families are dependent on dual incomes. Will your spouse be able to sustain your household?

Early Retirement

According to Time Magazine, 1 in 3 Americans have saved $0 for retirement. How much have you saved?

We offer it all.

With rates of return better than many other retirement options,
we offer access to three types of life insurance for you to consider…

choosing the right life insurance

Term Life

Term life insurance policies provide affordable, temporary coverage. On occasion, a policy such as this can be the perfect fit to accomplish an end goal.


Universal Life

A flexible premium, adjustable life insurance with a cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis.


Indexed Universal Life

Universal life that combines a death benefit protection with the opportunity to grow cash value. This is the gold standard for structuring tax-free retirement plans and wealth transfer.

*Rates subject to change.

Retirement Design Specialists

We are one of the leading tax free retirement plan designers in America. Through use of comprehensive knowledge of properly structured insurance vehicles approved by state law* and an IRS tax code, we provide unique and innovative products and services for the modern age.

*Refer to your state for specific guidelines.

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Flexible Plans

We have a variety of products which provide you ultimate control over your financial future. Being flexible is important to you, so it’s important to us. To capitalize on this, we employ intimate knowledge of each plan to leverage them to your ultimate advantage.

Competition is Good

Retirement Design Specialists is supported by a variety of the top insurance carriers and technically savvy retirement case designers in the nation. Having unfettered access to top tier products which compete heavily for attention, our focus delivers for our clients needs.

Modern Technology

We believe in keeping our clients fully informed, so we use social sites and their technology to heighten awareness within our communities. We employ the latest technology and software to analyze, predict and illustrate scenarios with historical accuracy specific to each client.

Recent reviews…

From beginning to end I felt that Retirement Design Specialists was looking for my best interest in creating a plan that would fill our needs.

Jeremy B.

Tax free retirement plan

A very easy, efficient, and cost effective way to obtain financial protection. I was very pleased with this process.

Elizabeth S.

Secure cash plan

The entire process was easy. I had a simple phone call. No pressure. Everything went smoothly and before you know it your policy is in the mail.

Bill F.

Tax free retirement plan

My agent  took the time and effort to create the right plan, with far more benefits at a much lower price than any other company quoted me.

Annie N.

Convertible executive term

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